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Annisa is wearing Nikicio Structured Sleeveless Shift Dress
Her selections: Nikicio Knitted Beanie, Vimala Coffee Scrub, General Object Christmas Ornament.

Annisa Kinanti, Communications Manager.

She will communicate with you, our customers, to deliver the message of our collections so you can understand us better in all aspects.

"To deliver the message of a brand, you have to understand the brand's identity and story. To be able to deliver it to people, you should learn and apply that identity to yourself, first."

Enjoying a cup of warm coffee, and relaxing her tired body and mind with coffee scrub before sleep is the way she spends her day after work.



Rossa is wearing Nikicio Half T-Shirt
Her selections: Nikicio Cotton Knitted Sweater, Vimala Organic French Rose Tea, Triwa Rose Lansen from The Watch Co.

Rossa Prila, Production Manager.

She makes sure that every collection gets through a process that is meticulously monitored to reflect our quality.

“As a Production Manager, I believe the privilege is to be the first one to see how the whole vision comes to life in a full collection. All the work and determination for me is not just a process of creation, it is also a self-discovery.”

Having one or two pour of tea after work is always a pleasant bad idea. Sharing it with friends or family is how she prefers it.



Aoki is wearing Nikicio Transparent White Raincoat
Her selections: Nikicio Structured Half T-Shirt, Vimala No. I Focus Handcrafted Soap, General Object Cake Stand, Aark Collective Classic Coal from The Watch Co.

Aoki Anwar, Project Manager.

Overseeing the cycle of how a collection comes to life is Aoki’s main responsibility.

“Make it simple but significant.”

Putting down her work apparels, taking a warm shower and scrub. It’s a perfect way to recharge her energy after work.



Thridy is wearing Nikicio Structured Half T-Shirt 

Her selections: Nikicio Cotton Knitted Sweater, Vimala Essential Oil, Daniel Wellington Classic St. Andrew from The Watch Co.

Thridy Nabilla, Fashion Merchandiser.

She distributes our pieces to the stores and makes sure the complete collection is yours to enjoy.

“It’s interesting to see how our customerstake the message we deliver positively. I’m in love with my job, and I’m enjoying my days as a Fashion Merchandiser here.”

As she works in the fashion industry, she chooses to read her favorite book to build creativity and refresh her mind on a day off.



Abraham's selection: Nikicio Unisex Waterproof Parka, Nikicio Crop Sleeveless Top, Vimala Matcha Natural Lip Balm, General Object Cake Stand.

 Abraham Dewanggana, Creative Director

He is at the helm of designing our main collections, translating concepts and inspiratins into the life of a piece of garment.

“I’m getting used to having a uniform thought day-in, day-out; it’s consuming and satisfying all at the same time.”

The Waterproof Parka and a pot of lipbalm shares the same ‘ready’ attitude, as they are often the last pieces in completing any look.



Nina is wearing Nikicio Unisex Waterproof Parka

Her selections: Vimala No. I Focus Natural Sugar Body Scrub.

Nina Nikicio, Founder & CEO

Being a mother doesn’t mean she has to give up her work. She has to love both; her work and her daughter. As a CEO, she makes every decision and protects the identity of Nikicio as a brand, keeping it substantial as how it should be.

“Every decisions are solemnly made to keep the brand current and relevant. I always had this vision – Nikicio is more than just a family name, it should last long enough so my daughter has something to be proud of.”

She never forgets to take care of her skin, letting it breathe over the busy and tired day of work.


Photos by: Evelyn Pritt



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