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Interview: Kallula - The Cool Singer

There are way too many rising artists here in Jakarta, but what makes Kallula different is her down to earth and humble beginning. Her debut single and music video doesn't show anything but a model dancing, an unusual take for the me-me-me generation. We are captivated by her exceeding taste (and her beautiful voice!) - read the interview below and find out why she is a #nikiciocult.



When is the first time and why do you choose to be a singer?

I started singing when I was in Kindergarten. We have a competition, my teacher asked me to do singing, because my aunt is a singer, but she doesn’t really know that I sing, I don’t even know if I could sing, so she tested me with her piano, playing around and then I started to sing, somehow it worked out. Then I won the competition. After that, when I was in Junior High, I started to formed a “cute” band with some of my friends and then we moved out to several bands, another band, and then I still singing. I totally become a legit singer when I graduated from High School. I think that’s the kick-off.

I don’t know why I choose to be a singer, because somehow in my life, I tried different things in my life, I’ve done painting, softball, yoga. In college I took International Relations, which is have nothing to do with music. Because as time goes by, people asked me, “do you wanna do this project?”, “I have this kind of project, do you want to join me?”, and then for me, I think that’s my call. At some point I think that it supposed to be only a hobby, and then I fell in love with it, so I started to make songs, I started to write lyrics, I started to form a band, back in 2010, and then this year after 4 years of making the album, finally this year we’re going to have produced our first album.

Tell us about your personal style.

Basically it’s not very colorful. It involves a lot of black fabrics, lot of layers, and I have no clue why, I just really like this color. If I do laundry at home, all of my clothes would be black.

What is the difference between the way you dress up on stage and off stage?

Not very much different, but maybe the makeup, because I don’t really use this kind of makeup for a daily basic, because I’m afraid I will scare someone. Basically, I’m trying as hard as I can to be myself, without changing it. Fortunately, when I have gigs, when I have someone to lend their clothes, like I’m wearing a bit of Nikicio right here, but still some of the outfits are mine, we have the same vision, because other people sees me as a person, and other people sees me as a musician.

You have to dress up when you go on stage/performing, how important is it to you?

It’s crucial. It’s like this; I could prepare to sing a song in 2 hours, but figuring out what to wear, maybe it took me like 2 days. It’s that important for me to preparing a performance.
I never tend to impress anyone, because I don’t really feel to impressed anyone from what I wearing – this boring color, but as time goes by, people would ask the styles that I’m wearing, because it’s kind of weird for them sometimes, but I’m comfortable with what I’m wearing and that’s the most important thing for me. Just to be comfortable.

What do you like the most about singing/performing?

The ambience, the song, the lyric, the crowd. Most of it, what I like about performing is just being present. You know that you’re there because you love what you’re doing in life, not because you forced to do something you don’t like.

If you had a chance to sing with anyone, who would it be and why?
Lykke Li. I’m dying to. My heart broke when she cancelled her gig in Laneway Festival a few weeks before. I’m planning to see her this year, I don’t know which festival, but if I have the chance I would really want to have a chance to sing with her.

What/who is your style reference?
A lot actually, but I kind looked up to people I mentioned before.

Tell us one thing you should wear everyday. (watch, earrings, bracelets, etc). Why?
A black lace bra and comfortable undies.

Tell us one song/music that really represents you.

That’s hard, but if I had to pick one, I fell in love with this band since Junior High; I really like Mew. The one I like is the song Symmetry and Silas and the Magic Car.

What does it take to be a #nikiciocult?

If you ask me what does it take to be a #nikiciocult, I think it’s just being who you are and not really trying to imitate someone, or trying to be someone that you’re not comfortable. Because right now I think in Indonesia, in Jakarta particularly, people tend to look up someone as their role model, which is really good.


Kallula is wearing Nikicio Oversized Mutton Long Sleeve, Nikicio Baggy Skorts, and her own jacket.

Photo and video by: @brotzyeah

Stylist Aoki Anwar

Make up by: Christina Martha


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