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We spent an afternoon with Yfana Khadija Amelz, famously known as Mama Babbot. The woman who lit up our Sunday afternoon by her infectious laugh and to be honest, who wouldn’t be happy to be welcomed by her beloved gems; Babbot and Botzilla. We got personal with Ykha Amelz as The New Nikicio Woman this October.


What’s your fond memory growing up?
(It’s) too many to choose of. Maybe when my family gathered together, we went to Puncak for holiday. That was so typical (laugh).

What was your very first drawing ever?
Tangled thread. With eyes. (laugh)

How was it like growing up as Ykha Amelz?
Happy. It was very happy, actually. My first love was drawing. My Dad worked at publishing company and he used to bring me a lot of leftovers papers for me, so it was a lot lot lot of drawings. I think that’s what shaped me.

What is your pet-peeve?

Who is your biggest fan?

What do you love the most being in a band?
Uhm.. The adrenaline – the adrenaline when you are about to go up to the stage AND on the stage, they are two different kinds of adrenaline. On the stage, the energy from the crowd…..it’s hard to describe.

If you can spend a day with your all time favorite musician, who would that be?
Karen O.

 If you don’t sing or illustrate, what would you do?
Maybe I’ll teach in kindergarten.

What is your view on modern Indonesian woman today?
I think that if Kartini was able to see us (women) today, she would be very proud. We get to do a lot of things now with various occupations.

What’s next for Ykha Amelz?
I would love to publish books about Babbot. But I would also love to have Solo art exhibition.


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