An Ode To You

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Curated editorial by Utterly Me Magazine, a collaboration with Nikicio.


Meant to shatter the word beauty defined by society, Utterly Nikicio decodes the interpretation of beauty without compartmentalizing it. Utterly Nikicio tries to describe beauty as it is and not how it should be. They give value to the kind of beauty that people decide to ignore just because some advertisements say so. And that’s exactly what Utterly Nikicio strive to do; to be able to communicate their embodiment of beauty through nature, art and fashion that have always been successfully expressed in each issue. 

Destined to see beauty as it is, Utterly Nikicio is obliged to convey our perspective to the society - to you.

She Becomes Her is a compilation of editorial stories that we hope will be able to deliver about multitude of characters that women have. The editorials represent strong and distinguished nature through the six Chinese zodiac elements: water, fire, earth, metal, air, and wood. Each of the elements has differing nature, but none is more superior or inferior to another. Each has its own value and nature that, when integrated into one, creates a balance in life.

These foreseeably ideas and expectations can be knowingly professed through this collaboration as an encouragement for any woman in the world, that they are beautiful as they are. You are beautiful as you are.


Based in Surabaya since 2015, Utterly Me Magazine appreciates the idea of experience where people can feel and touch and even smell the paper of Utterly Me, especially when people are more than familiar living in digital sphere. Our collaboration is going to be featured on F issue of Utterly Me Magazine. Available for purchase here

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