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The word “nostalgia” comes from two Greek roots: νόστος, nóstos (“return home”) and ἄλγος, álgos (“longing”). It is a sentiment of loss and displacement, but it is also a romance with one’s own phantasy. A cinematic image of nostalgia is a double exposure, or a superimposition of two images—of home and abroad, of past and present, of dream and everyday life. The moment we try to force it into a single image, it breaks the frame or burns the surface.


Nostalgia is also a cultural unifier. Looking to the past may make youth feel a sense of safety in this uncertain world. Nostalgia is something that people can share together on a  global level. People more than ever are being connected and intertwined to create a larger untied world culture. People from all across the world are creating a shared sense of cultural and a common nostalgia. 

There is no future without a past. But we have options to be drawn into our pasts to distract ourselves from uncertainty or curatively choose our pasts; create something new with it.
We called it Newstalgia.  


 Model: Nadhifa (Future Models), Stylist: Nikicio Team, MUA: Jessica Annasthasia, Photographer: Dan Putera

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