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Barging in with her lively personality and warm smile for our interview, Asmara Abigail has came a long way from a girl who looked up to Grey’s Anatomy’s Christina Yang when she grew up.

Famously known as Batara’s eternal soul mate in Joko Anwar’s re-make of Pengabdi Setan, she didn’t expect to be this in love with movies and acting, as she never expected to consider Italy as her home – where she always finds herself coming back tirelessly.

Aspires to be able to speak as many languages as Daenerys Targaryen does, Asmara Abigail is also fluent in flamenco and tango, where after her brief time in Bali, she was dubbed as Javanese aristocratic princess named Asih in Garin Nugroho’s Setan Jawa.

Dive into Asmara Abigail’s mind and thoughts about her definition of hero and how acting becomes one crucial part of who she is now.


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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in the woods with my family until college, and I grew up with almost zero interaction with neighbors and I was used to spend time by myself watching movies and TV series. And after college, I moved to Italy to continue my study in Milan where I took Master in Marketing and Branding of Luxury Product. But before I moved, I took language course back in Jakarta and they happened to have a cinema club; where I fell in love with Italian movies and I realized that I belong here. 

After my study in Milan, I worked in Bali for three months where I also learnt how to dance tango and pole dancing. When I went to Jakarta, I continued to study flamenco dance. Then, there was an open casting for Setan Jawa, and one of the requirements of playing Asih was that the actress needed to have dance skill. That was how I started.

Who did you look up to when you growing up?

I technically grew up with my aunties; so I generally looked up to them. However, because I grew up investing my time in movies and TV series, there is one character I have in mind that I actually looked up while growing up, she is Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy.

Define ‘hero’ in your own words

Hero is someone who can give you the inspiration and change your concept about life; someone who can make you realize about what you want in life. 

Who is your favorite hero character?

My favorite hero character is Khaleesi because beside she has dragons as babies; she rides DRAGONS, not even horses. She can also speak many languages and her character implies that no man can tame her. I personally think that her character is quite essential knowing that nowadays people decide to get married in such a young age – which is a bit confusing if I may say.

Asmara Abigail is wearing Midnight Long Sleeve Dress

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What items you cannot live without?

The item I cannot live without is book. I love killing time by reading; in traffic or waiting for a plane. I currently read How To Read Paintings; it’s basically an encyclopedia about paintings and ways to read them.

The quotes that you live by

La vita é bella, which means life, is beautiful in Italian. 

If you have to play heroes in a movie, what strength do you want to have?

If I have to choose super powers, I am torn apart between to be able to time-travel or speak all languages.

Who is your spirit animal?

A horse; could be a Pegasus or Unicorn. Hahahah. 

If you can have a dinner with your dead/alive favorite hero, who would that be?

If I could choose a person to have dinner or conversation with, it would be Frida Kahlo.




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