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Talitha is wearing Garit-Garit Drawstring Top in White from Nikicio White Label

We went to the east of Jakarta to spend an afternoon with Talitha Maranila and see her in her element between her artworks. Known to choose unorthodox medium for her art, Talitha Maranila told us about the city that has her heart and mind in captive and the fact that her inspirations come from Sidharta’s Brain.


How do you end up being a painter?

Actually I loved to paint since I was a little girl; my home was full with my drawings until my Mom decided to give me one whole wall for me to paint. For me to paint has been my hobby since forever and my turning point when I realized that this is my calling was when I finished college.


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Is there any particular reason why you decided to pursue career as a painter after you finished college?

It was when I got into college I realized that I think I made a mistake taking this major [Fashion Business], but I already enrolled and I thought well…But at the end I know that the major I took is helping me now in a sense that I need to market to my artworks. What happened was while I was finishing my final work for college I also prepared artworks for an exhibition, and I found myself enjoying creating artworks for the exhibition rather than finishing the final project. So after the exhibition and people started asking about my work I decided that this is what I want to do for living.


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What makes you diving into art?

Basically art is something that I love; something that I want to do because I want to create.

What is your inspiration from?

Hmm..I am mostly inspired from the books I read. And every time I make art, it will depend on which life phase I am in. At first I used watercolor as the medium on paper and then I moved to acrylic, and last year I explored ceramic paint, which is rare to use because the nature of the medium.

Will you elaborate on the ceramic paint because we hardly find painter with such a unconventional medium to work with?

It started as an exploration and I was being experimental at that time but as it turned out, I am comfortable using ceramic paint as it has the watery texture yet solid outcome, which can instantly, captures my emotion when I paint because to be completely frank I don’t know the exact outcome of my work. It’s pure instinct and even though in each work I spent time to create a well-thought concept or message I want to bring up, but when it’s time to execute sometimes I follow my instinct and so it’s not rare I suddenly changed the color that suits my mood at that time.

You mentioned that books you read inspire your work, what kind of books?

I am into books about science and biology; last year my works were all about neurons. Currently I am reading book titled Sidharta’s Brain, it’s about unlocking the ancient science of enlightenment; figuring out how brain works in scientific way hundred years back.  

Have you ever spent time living outside Jakarta or Indonesia?

I was born and raised in Jakarta where I spent my childhood as well, but I travelled when I realized I needed to just go out and being detached to my work. I usually go to Europe. Some of my paintings are sort of inspired by the cities I’ve been. I usually spent a month or two there.

Talitha is wearing Penampang Tied Back Tank in Black Metallic and Kalem Panjang Multiway dress in Black. All from Nikicio White Label.

What cities you want to travel to?

Actually there are two cities that I am so attached to. They are Florence and Berlin. In one hand, my heart belongs to Florence but my mind is all Berlin hahaha. It’s not only because Berlin is rich with contemporary arts but the way people there think fascinates me.

Do you paint out of necessity?

Every time I paint, I never think about the work or the painting it will become per se, instead I think about life and it flows that way.

If you have the chance to spend time with any painter or artist, whom would you choose?

[Giggles] Hm..Who would that be? Maybe Francis Bacon. Oh! And Dali too!

Is there any project you work on outside this studio?

Yes…one time in Singapore, I worked on mural in 3 weeks for 3 walls in Leedon for a personal client.

Who do you look up to?

Hm…I look up to Tesla and some composers....Alexandre Desplat.

What kind of life you picture 10 years from now?

I picture myself having a career as painter in Berlin.

What do you like the most about being a painter?

What I like the most is to be free; the freedom and the fact that my work is intimate and personal to me and myself where I consider these artworks or what I do is my soul mate. And you get to know yourself more and more.

What do you dislike the most about your work?

It might be the process; people think what I do is easy as naturally I love painting but it’s not all walk in the park. There was a phase I need to detach from the work; or doubting the concepts and executions.

To be a painter is not a common occupation in Indonesia, what is your expectation for career opportunity as a painter?

In Indonesia, maybe nowadays people are now aware of these arts and start to appreciate them – thanks to social media. Even though they went to art museums for the sake of getting good photos for Instagram but I think it’s a start; an entry point for people to understand the arts. Hopefully, in the future art can be taught in earlier age – not just to draw but the essence of art itself.


Photographer: Thomas Sito

Make Up Artist: Apriana






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