Vien Febrina - Model

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What is your daily routine look like?

For the past 4 years, I’m teaching and mentoring at the agency which I’m signed into, speaking for some fashion events and also helping my fiance with his works

How did you get into modeling?

I was unexpectedly scouted in the street on my way back home from school. I was basically a traditional dancer, but I thought being a model could earn me more money than being a dancer, so I accepted the offer. But early in my career as a model, I didn’t got enough recognition until I met a photographer, Luki Ali. He’s the one who’s helping me with my career success.

Does your decision to dress modestly and wear a hijab affect the kinds of modeling jobs you can do and the clients who book you?

I tried not to let my hijab affect my work, but like it or not, it’s unavoidable. With this hijab, modeling jobs will be automatically curated. But I like it that way.

In your eyes, what makes a good model?

You need a good attitude to not only make it in modeling but to be successful in life in general. Show people respect and gratitude. Make it a habit to tell people thank you.

How are you celebrating ramadhan this year?

I'm not spending the holy month with my family for the first time because I'm in Jakarta most of the time for my wedding preparation

Do you have any memorable memories about ramadhan or ied?

Last year, my elder brother finally able to join us for family gathering. We are only able to see him once every 5 years because he lives far away and work as a soldier. So it's a triumphant and memorable moment for us

What does being Indonesian means to you?

Being indonesian makes me me appreciate just how different and diverse our world really is. I love Indonesia’s philosophy of Unity in Diversity and the beauty of pluralism that it teaches.

What is your favorite movie and do you have a life motto?

Lalaland! I love musical and romance movies. And my life motto is “Put Your Heart and Soul into What You Do”

If you could spend one afternoon with, dead or alive, who would it be?

I would spend it with my hero, Luki Ali (Smile)



Styled and Photographed by Thomas Sito

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