Ratna Irina - Managing Editor of Fimela

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Riri is wearing our Berenggang Panjang Coat in Navy Blue from Nikicio White Label

One of the key questions every single working female has struggled with is whether or not a woman can really have it all. The challenge of balancing out a career and family life, is one that our woman profile this month, Ratna Irina, has successfully conquered. As a Mother and editor in chief of Fimela Network, a fashion and lifestyle online media platform dedicated to Indonesian women, she has been an inspiration. We got to spent a lovely afternoon to get to know more of her


What is your normal day like?

My days are ever changing and dynamic, they are never the same, that’s what makes this job interesting. But mostly is all about meeting, going to events and checking emails. Always checking emails before shower

Riri is wearing our Muda Mudi Jacket in Light Blue Denim from Nikicio White Label

What is the most favorite part of your job?

The dynamic. Like I said before, no two days are the same so it's never a boring day in the office

What is the least favorite part of your job?

There are days when I don’t feel like going out and meeting people, but I have no choice because that is part of the job. You know, it’s so tiring faking a smile (laugh)

Printed or digital Magazine?

Digital Magazine ftw! It’s a digital era

How would people describe you?

People’s first impression on me is unapproachable and tough, but once they get close to me they know that deep inside me I am a Hello Kitty sort of person (laughs)

What is your take on the anti beauty aesthetic on fashion industry nowadays?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if all beauty standards are the same, it’s gonna be boring. In this era of easy to access beauty, sometimes ugliness is what makes a person stands out than the others. It’s a good thing for that kind of movement to be existed, so everyone can stand out with their own appearance.

How would you define beauty?

Beauty is basically the confidence a person has. It’s not always something physical. It is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes

Do you think female leaders still face outdated stereotypes in the workplace?

I have never faced or worried about stereotype threat. But I believe there are many women out there feel affected by stereotypes. But let’s just see it as a challenge, if you keep on doing your best, no matter if you’re men or women, sooner or later people will recognize you for you success.

Would you rather be liked or respected?

I’d rather be liked. You've got to be likable to be respected.


Riri is wearing our Berenggang Panjang Coat in Navy Blue from Nikicio White Label

If you were given another chance to choose your career field, what would you choose?

The career that can help me earn more. Just kidding. I love my current job

Insert the word “Ugly” in the sentence?

Ugly is beautiful

Do you have anything to say to all of the working mother out there?

If you have something that you really believe is your passion. You owe it to yourself to pursue it because you will be a better mother, friend, partner by being true to yourself and pursuing the things that make you happy


Photography and styling by Thomas Sito

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