Celebrate The Future of Nikicio

Posted by Anggi Lupitasari on

Has been around for almost 10 years, we dedicate our designs to create stories for modern women that are known for its utilitarian and versatile designs. Throughout this editorial, we are celebrating the enlivening mediocrity of created pieces that has lived beyond time.


Trying to break out from the landscape of binary that compartmentalizes people by gender, we create clothing to laud the absence of it. Today, we are not only striving to create clothing with timeless designs but we are also offering experience. Cultures and heritage in Indonesia attract us as the brand and often acted as the real muses.

One time, Lurik was enough to represent the attraction between the cultures in Indonesia and our own identity, but sometimes, traditional games on Indonesia’s Independence Day embody it perfectly. And that’s what we try to preserve. The love for Indonesia; for its legacy.


In this editorial, we celebrate the future of Nikicio where the editorial is fronting by Nina's beautiful children; Elizabeth and James. It's only natural if they are included in this celebration as they are representing hopes and expectation for Nikicio to create greater good.

Their presence somehow don’t diminish the idea of Nikicio, they give more meaning to it. As Nina evolved through her personal experience of giving birth and become a mother, Nikicio naturally followed the transitions. Elizabeth and James transform the brand to exceed Nina’s expectation for Nikicio as self-satisfaction tool. Nina realized that Nikicio is more than that. Nikicio is something that she will leave behind eventually not only for her kids but the next generation as a whole.

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