Engage in our behind-the-wardrobe coverage, as told by them who made Nikicio a personal collectible, integrated to their lifestyle.

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The New Age Kids


Earlier this year, Nina Nikicio selected three fascinating, open minded, dare to be different, lovable, young people who she thinks embodies The New Age Kids. Let us introduce you to Dhany Indra or Dhancun - a blogger, Widika Sidmore - a model, and Tatriana Adams or Tatis - a mother / singer.

Different backgrounds, different professions, with one thing similar we can say about them: they are challenging the way we think about youth culture. In the interview, Nina describes these kids as badass. We all agree - their personal style, their attitude, and their image projection embodies the term perfectly.

Having a badass image is one thing, but to be able to tell a badass story is something special. Play the video and listen to their stories. Because this is what makes them different, what makes them The New Age Kids, what makes them #NIKICIOCULT