Engage in our behind-the-wardrobe coverage, as told by them who made Nikicio a personal collectible, integrated to their lifestyle.

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Nina Nikicio


Memory is a thing that we create and it’s a thing that can last a lifetime. Sometimes memory can be an inspiration for us, either it comes from a moment we have spent, a song, a picture, a person.

Every person has a different meaning to every memory that they own. Here’s a story of our Founder and CEO, Nina Nikicio, about her memory and how it becomes a part of her life.


1. Can you name some memories from the past that you really treasure?
The smell of sea is enough to bring me back to my happiest place on earth.

2. What is your favorite memory amongst all?
This is very new, but my favorite memory will be when I saw my baby girl smiling for the first time.

3. Did those memories have a role to bring you here (to the fashion industry)?
My memories are part of my story - and I always tell story in every collection that I made. The brand itself has always been that personal to me.

4. What is your favorite product (anything that you wear)?
There's this wool cardigan that I bought 5 years ago and I wear it non-stop everywhere, no matter what season it is.

5. Did it give you inspiration when you’re creating something?
I always want the clothes to be able to last, because personally, I only buy clothes that will. The cardigan, in particular, reminds me of warmth that it gave me during the coldest season.

Photo taken on 27/12/12