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Sally Emily - The Interview


    1. Tell us about your work and how did you get started.
    We were not planning on this at first. We’re very close as sisters, so we grew up liking the same things. We have passion and interest towards fashion and photography since we were young, and it all started when we were in middle school. We often spend our time making a shoot session – taking photos of each other like any teenagers would do – and post it on Facebook. We didn’t have any clue about fashion photography back then, until around 3 or 4 years ago, our friends start to build their business and brands, and hiring a photographer becomes a necessity; they asked us for help. From then we become a fashion photographer, much likely it’s not us who chose this profession, but the it’s profession who chose us. 

    Since we live in a social environment with same interest, we find that our profession is fun, we don’t see it as a work.

    2. How do you manage yourself to stay professional at work when you’re not in a mood?
    If we start something, we have to finish it. Even when we reach our lowest point, we don’t have an excuse to stop. We think you should be in love with your job, and don’t work for money. And because we both became each other’s support system, we can help each other, we can talk bluntly if there’s something we don’t like, so everything becomes easier.

    3. In your opinion, what quality a person must have to be success?
    It's passion and commitment. We think you should be in love with your job, and don’t work for money. Because we believe good things will come if you’re passionate when doing your job. You have to choose your job by your passion, not the other way around. Briefly said, when you’re willing to do something without being paid, it’s passion.

    4. Many people are inspired by you, at this young age, how do you feel about that?
    Many people deserve more to be an inspiration other than us, we think. But if we do, we’re glad that we can inspire others to do the things that they love. Especially for those who are younger than us, knowing we’re still young too. We’re inspired by our seniors as well, it will flatter us much if we able to reach their position.

    Not only photographers, we inspired by many people like our friends, or mother who already succeed with their career. It’s our mother, especially. We grew up raised by a single mother, and we think it’s hard for a woman to do the task as a parent by herself.

    5. When do you feel the most grateful and happiest, and why?
    When we’re having a hard time while working, and we able to overcome it. For example, we have a photoshoot in Japan recently. The language barrier made us really nervous, but we can tackle it together. We’re grateful to have a sister as a great companion; we have a great teamwork. We think it can’t be done if it’s only one of us here.

    6. Whose wardrobe do you wish to raid?
    It’s Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, because they’re sisters, so we can relate their style to ourselves.

    7. If you had a chance to reborn, what/who would you want to be reborn as?
    We want to be ourselves, but in different era. We definitely won’t live in current era, we want to try living the old days, like 60s or Victorian era. It’s interesting because we will be born around people with different mindset and values.

    8. If you have a time machine, what other time or space do you want to go to? Why?
    We want to set the time machine into exact few dates – the days we like – so we can rewind the time and go back into those days. There are days that we regret too, but we’re getting mature now and we can see those regretting days as a new insight and lesson to present days. We also like the times when we're new in Melbourne, everything seems so exciting and we had much experience.

    9. What is your opinion and hope about women’s empowerment?
    This is an important issue for us, because in Indonesia, we can see the difference on how people treat men and women. These days the amount of career women is growing, even in some place women is the leader and more successful. As career women, we know that we have different ability than men, but women and men can complete each other’s task. It’s better if people can appreciate and highlight women more. But we think women still need to be treated as a woman, in terms of attitude.

    10. Everybody’s talking about Susi Pudjiastuti nowadays, what do you personally think about her?
    We’re happy seeing transformation in Jakarta nowadays, because for us it's exciting. Maybe it’s because we lived oversea before, so when we’re here, we can feel the drastic changes. We’re happy to see Mrs. Susi and how she brings changes to Indonesian people’s way of thinking. I can feel a new hope for 5 years ahead.