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Spend An Afternoon with Tanayu


Getting up close and personal with Tanayu – a singer who is currently in love with the act of motherhood while she is raising Keano Mudra ­– someone she hold close to her heart and someone who doesn’t only teach her to be patient but also give another meaning of happiness to her life.

Tell us about who Intan Ayu really is

I can say I am an artist, I am a mother and someone who enjoys art music and motherhood.

What wakes you up in the morning?

My son (giggles)

Do you cook? What’s your favorite meal to cook?

Yea, sometimes. It actually started to like cooking is when I we have Keano so, my favorite Indonesian meal to cook is Opor Ayam.

What’s your craving during pregnancy?

Nothing, but I ate 500 grams of ice cream everyday.

Tanayu is wearing Darlene Trench Coat and White Priority Dress. All from Nikicio Black Label.

Does motherhood change you? What has changed?

For sure. A lot has changed. It was one of huge turning point in my life, it changed how I see myself, how I perceive happiness and how I define success. I also feel that happiness is not something you need to seek within you; it starts with you.

If you can describe it in one sentence, what is being a mother feels like?

Magical, independent and feminist.  

Tanayu is wearing White Priority DressMadison Cigarette Pants from Nikicio Black Label and Unisex Moral Tank from Nikicio White Label.

What do you love the most being a mother?

Everything. Everything. Everything. I really cant choose.

What do you dislike the most being a mother?

Sometimes it’s not easy to maintain your emotion and Keano is still a toddler so I still need to teach him how to communicate, we need to take baby steps to teach him, and we need to be very patient. 

You were previously known as a actress, how is the process from actress to a singer?

It’s quite a long and struggling journey and I have been learning a lot from this process. To be honest, it’s big leap to change my career path. It’s like when you already built a home then to change the career path is to break down my home and collect the pieces and build a new home.

How do you balance career and be a mother?

It happened just like that (giggles) 

What’s Keano’s favorite meal?

All Indonesian foods (giggles), he likes sayur asem, nasi goreng, rawon.

Tanayu is wearing Lila Brushed Wrap Around, Madison Cigarette Pants from Nikicio Black Label and Unisex Moral Tank from Nikicio White Label.

What’s Keano’s favorite toy?

His favorite toys are cars and soccer balls.

Do you prohibit Keano to do certain things?

We definitely apply certain rules at home when at 7 PM we already turn off the TV and no gadget is allowed, he is allowed to read books before bed, but as he is getting older and he already knows what he wants, so we just need to communicate extra patiently.


Tanayu is wearing White Priority Dress from Nikicio Black Label and Unisex Moral Tank from Nikicio White Label.

What’s the meaning of Keano?

Keano refers to Keanu in Irish version that means breeze in the mountain, and we take Mudra from Yoga which means ‘a movement to take a step closer to God’.

Describe what you consider to be a perfect mother

I think every mother is perfect in their own way. When a woman experience of giving birth, it’s one your biggest turning point of your life and when that happens, there’ll be a moment when you realize that you have the power you don’t know you have. The minute you become a mother is when you realize that you learn something from your kid; the presence of your kid gives you power and open many doors; and his birth is also our birth as a person.