Izakaya Issei - The Hidden Gem

Posted by Dimas Hardiyanto on

Located in the bustling Senopati street among several notable establishments,
Izakaya Issei separates itself from its neighbours by offering a relaxed and slightly secluded atmosphere,
perfect for winding down after a long day in the city.


With an excellent selection of beers, sakes and japanese whiskeys together with authentic yakitori and donburi menus, this place really captures the true japanese izakaya experience. We had Asahi Premium Dry beer to accompany our conversations while our dishes are being prepared, quite hard to find this anywhere in Jakarta.

For fans of the japanese skewered dishes, you will appreciate their wide selection of yakitori. Several of our favourites: the momo (chicken thigh), sunagimo (chicken gizzard) and Enoki Butamaki (enoki mushrooms rolled in pork bacon), grilled spot on leaving the meat tender and juicy. These can be ordered with salty sauce (shio) or sweet sauce (tare).

In the donburi section we had the Gyutan Don (beef tongue rice), we liked how the beef tongue has a delicate texture. Served on rice with a lively mix of chili, onion and sesame seeds. This dish is perfect to fill you up and especially great with sake to wash everything down. Their Katsu-Kare must also be noted as being very delicious and authentic, even the japanese customers praise it.

To end the night try the home-made black sesame ice cream, just sweet enough. If you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to ask the waiter for their special limited dishes, in the past they’ve made dishes like beer ice cream and beer slush.

Come to this place to enjoy a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere with great selection of authentic japanese drinks and dishes.