Driven, ambitious, unpredictable and detailed, Nina Karina Nikicio has brought her last name into a brand that has been notable for the modern, young, and individualists. NIKICIO has won an incredible range of acknowledgements that includes; Finalist of young Singapore Designer of the Year (08), Most Watched Designer of the Year by Elle Magazine Indonesia (09), Best Fashion Business Student of the Year by Lasalle International College Indonesia (09), Best Asian Designer of the Year by Tongue In Chic (09), Best Young Indonesian Designer of the Year by Elle Magazine Indonesia (10), and The Fashion Machine by Rolling Stones Indonesia (10).

Nina Karina Nikicio was born in 1985 in Jakarta, Indonesia. She studied Fashion Design at Lasalle College Of The Arts in Singapore and earned Diploma in 2005. She went back to her hometown to continue her study in Fashion Business at Lasalle International College. Nina graduated as Best Student and earned another Diploma in Fashion Business in July 2009.

During her study in Jakarta, Nina launched her own label in 2007. Her work is based on her beliefs that every clothes has to last more than a single season. They have to be treated as an investment and able to tell a story. Her beliefs came from her experiences in garment industry before continuing her study in Jakarta. She also worked as designer and stylist with numerous clients, photographers, stores, and customers in Singapore.

NIKICIO conceives pieces that tells a story with the wearer. Each piece is personal, wearable yet practical with a perfect dose of whim and edge. This is mostly apparent in every collection of NIKICIO, where classic cuts infused with high end constructions are happily substantial.

Other than the strength of her designs, Nina is mostly praised for her smart marketing strategy. She is inspired by current events and burgeoning youth culture in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, which makes every campaigns and shows from NIKICIO always seems exciting and new. Other than challenging what is considered normal or cliche in the industry, she also challenges people expectations of NIKICIO.

In 2016, after Nina gave birth to her second child, she decided to create a luxury ready to wear label for older women. Nina realises that woman's body will eventually change and so does the image of a woman that comes with it. Therefore, Nikicio Black Label is born. She named it black because of the color association that comes with it –– elegant, strong, and unshaken.