Fall Winter 2016/17

Ratna Riri Irina is the Editor In Chief of FIMELA Network, an online media platform dedicated to Indonesian women. She is also a mother of one.

"I am a big fan of NIKICIO - the brand is an epitome of modern fashion in Indonesia. If you are a true #nikiciocult member, you should know that one can wear NIKICIO in many ways regardless who you are, whether your style is feminine or tomboy like me, you can weave NIKICIO into your wardrobe seamlessly. The clothes will become your everyday staple and maybe the only item(s) you will wear from time to time.

I am a big fan of Nina as well. She is someone that I aspire to, mainly because of her personal style. But when I got the chance to know her more, her personality also wins me - she's very nice, smart, humble, with vast fashion knowledge. We also have the same tattoo on our hand with the exact same words - that must've meant something.

Back in 2015 when FIMELA.com created a Batik themed fashion show, Nina was one of the first designer that came to mind. Unfortunately, Indonesian traditional fabric was avoided by Nina. As a designer, fabric is a medium for an artist to express her thoughts and Batik was simply not her choice.

Recently, FIMELA.com celebrated its anniversary with traditional Indonesian fabric as a main theme. I just had to ask Nina again. Good thing comes to those who wait - she agreed to be part of the show with conditions: that we have to find fabrics that matched NIKICIO aesthetic and they have to be available in certain amount so she could produce it for NIKICIO Fall Winter 2016 Collection. The last condition was a challenge, considering traditional Indonesian fabrics are mostly handmade and made by artisans.

So we went for a hunt and offered Nina several types of Batik and many kinds of Tenun, but she won't budge. After a lot of rejections, we finally found a fabric that Nina agreed to: Lurik from Jogjakarta - artisanal, conventional, versatile, and most importantly, can be mass produced. 

Everything ran smoothly after. When Nina showed me the sketches, I knew that this collection would be one of my personal favourite. The silhouette is slouchy, infused with menswear tailoring that Nina has always known for. She wanted to make Lurik became a staple fabric in everyone's wardrobe, just like it was before, so she made essential clothes: roomy coats, cleverly detailed tops, slack pants, robe dress - all glorified in Lurik signature stripes. She also wittily autographed the pieces with NIKICIOCULT signature, giving a slight streetwear feel in the collection. Plain Lurik fabrics in black and white are also used to compliment the collection, because what's NIKICIO without Nina's favourite colours? I might sound biased, but I love everything.

I can't express how proud I am to be a part of NIKICIO's journey. I hope that the collaboration between FIMELA.com and NIKICIO will inspire others that Indonesian fabric can be translated into modern fashion, regardless of who you are, just like I always have."

This collection was first shown at Festival Fashion Kain Indonesia by FIMELA.COM. Click to view the lookbook.