Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the background of NIKICIO?
A: On May 2007, a then 22-year-old Nina Nikicio came back home to Indonesia. She always believe that local products should be able to compete with international ready to wear labels. There were no local ready to wear in sight back then, all designers are ventured in couture or wedding gowns. She challenged the common norm by creating a ready to wear label with an online based store, experting in free marketing by using social media, and casting her friends as models. She never expected to lead a company, but a passion for great design and frustration with the lack of innovation in the local scene led her to build NIKICIO. For more information about Nina, please click here

Q: Where does NIKICIO manufacture the clothes at?
A: NIKICIO manufactures the clothes at several factories and workshops all around Indonesia. We outsource the best based on their capabilities and we visit them often. We make sure each of the suppliers who work with us have a sustainable business and beneficial partnership for the better Indonesia.

Q: Where does NIKICIO get their textiles from? 
A: We make our own exclusive prints, dye our own fabric colors, and generally source fabrics from Indonesia, China, Korea, and Canada. We spend months finding the best fabrics for our customers, as we want our clothes to last. We believe quality of fabrics will determine 80% of the finished garment. We work with the best local artisans and printing company, to ensure that your print will last. 

Q: Should I be worried about washing and handling NIKICIO clothes?
A: All of NIKICIO items come with garment care sewn inside. Please follow the care instructions in each garment, we are not responsible for garments that are handled wrongly. If you have any further questions about care & handling, you can contact our customer services via WhatsApp: +62-822-11112468 / Line: @nikicio / Email:

Q: Who is NIKICIO customer?
A: Any gender who are not afraid of standing on her/his own ground. The clothes are made well and to last more than a single season. The brand strongly believes that clothes need to tell a story along with the wearer, no matter who. NIKICIO will be as personal and as private as you want it to be.


Q: What is the difference between Black and White Label?
A: Black label thrives distinctively on concept and meticulous fabric selection. The label offers new concept every twice a year, following the fashion season. The fabrics are sourced internationally to compete with international labels. The products styles are classic and are made to last forever in your closet, despite season, age, and time. White label emphasises in affordable and comfortable daily wear that you can wear sustainably. The product ranges from fuss free tops to long flowy dresses with a right dose of attitude and edge that NIKICIO is loved for. Fabric colors are dyed and sourced locally while the clothes are produced in small factories around Indonesia, to help pushing Indonesian economy globally. Unlike Black Label that follows the international fashion season, new collections from the label will available monthly. 


Q: How do I shop in the store?
A: We are trying to ensure a smooth and simple shopping experience with us. To order, simply follow the step by step guidance below. If you are still experience problems, contact our customer service via email: We will attend to you within 24 hours, any time of the day.

I. Simply select the items you want then add the items to cart.
II. Once done, proceed to checkout. If you haven't registered as one of our members, you will need to register. Registration is needed to ensure a smooth and pleasurable buying process for you.
III. Fill out the data needed for shipping and billing inquiries. Make sure the data is correct.
If you made any mistakes, you can log in your account and edit.
IV. You are then need to pay for your cart.
If you select bank transfer as your method of payment, you will be emailed with an invoice with our bank account.
If you select credit card, you will be directed to doku as our payment gateway.
V. Your order status will change immediately from "unpaid" to "paid" once we have received your payment.
For bank transfer, it will take as long as 24 hours for the system to recognize your payment, as we need to check manually whether your payment has gone through. You will need to confirm your payment by logging in to your account.
VI. If you haven't paid in 48 hours after you have placed your order, our system will automatically change your order. You will receive an email confirmation on your cancelled order.

Please note that adding the items to cart does not mean that the items will be reserved for you. Items will only be reserved for you once you have paid your invoice.

Q: Why I don't receive any email confirmation once I have made payment confirmation?
A: There is no email confirmation because we find it pointless to flood your email account with notifications. To see whether your payment has went through, simply log in to your account. Your payment status will change from unpaid to paid once our system has recognized your payment. 

Q: I cannot seem to confirm my payment (for whatever reasons)
A: Sometimes technology can be a bitch. You can email your proof of payment to and we will help to check your payment manually. 

Q: My order status hasn't changed in the last 24 hours.
A: If you made payment confirmation after 5 pm on Friday, your order status will unlikely to change because our office is closed on weekends (and general public holiday). Our office hours is on Monday - Friday, starts from 9 AM to 5 PM. If your status hasn't changed in 24 hours after you have made payment confirmation, please contact our customer service team via WhatsApp: +62-822-11112486 / Line: @nikicio / Email: 

Q: My order status is unfulfilled. What does it mean?
A: It means your order hasn't left our warehouse or we haven't received your tracking number from the shipping company (TIKI or JNE for Indonesian orders and POS Indonesia for international orders). Please give us 24 hours to process your order after your status has changed from unpaid to paid. Rest assured that we are working as efficient as we can.


Q: How long will it take to ship my order?
A: Once you have paid your order (payment confirmation is first needed for bank transfer option) and your payment status has changed from "unpaid" to "paid", it will take maximum 24 hours for us to process your order unless if order is made on weekends or public holidays. Our office hours is on Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM.

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?
A: For Indonesian based orders, it will take a maximum of 3 working days to reach your address, especially if you are based outside Java. If you want your order to arrive faster, please select Express Shipping option during check out. For Singapore based orders, it will take a maximum of 2-3 working days. For the rest of the world, it will vary depends on your location, but most packages arrive within 10-14 working days. All orders are fully traceable in our website.

Q: I would like to use GOJEK or other pick-up service for my order.
A: Please contact our customer service team for assistance via: WhatsApp: +62-822-11112486 / Line: @nikicio / Email:



Q: I want to exchange or return/exchange/refund my purchase.
A: NIKICIO has an easy 10 days return policy. Please read our Return & Exchange page carefully. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service team via: WhatsApp: +62-822-11112486 / Line: @nikicio / Email:


Q: When will NIKICIO be on sale?
A: We always hold sale for items that have minor defects which usually doesn't change how the product look at all, but because we take pride in our quality - we always make sure that the product you buy is worth the price you pay. If you decide to buy our sale items, please note that you will receive defected products. We also don't allow refund or exchange for any sale items. 

Q: Do you have sale promotions in stores?
A: NIKICIO only hold sale events online or in pop up stores. We don't hold sale in the retailers as we only give them our best products. If you found any defected products in stores, please let us know immediately. 

Q: I would like to see the defected products before I decide buying the sale items.
A: Please note that we can only give examples but not the actual product. Contact our customer service team via WhatsApp: +62-822-11112486 / Line: @nikicio / Email: for assistance.  



Q: I buy a lot of things. Can you give me extra discounts?
A: We value our customers. If you had accumulated more than Rp 10.000.000 in purchases with no time limit, you will automatically registered as our VIP. VIP will have a personal discount code that can be used whenever. The code will give you 20% discount in any purchases, including sale items, everytime you shop in NIKICIO.COM 

Q: My size/ the color/ the style I want is not available online.
A: We are also available in stores. Click here for store locations. If you still want to purchase online, please contact our customer service team via WhatsApp: +62-822-11112486 / Line: @nikicio / Email: for assistance.

Q: Do you do alterations or made to order?
A: NIKICIO doesn't do any made to order pieces for anyone. We do minor alterations for extra cost for Jabodetabek based customers only, please contact our customer service team via WhatsApp: +62-822-11112486 / Line: @nikicio / Email: for assistance.