mang adul

Project: Mang Adul

To adapt and grow in the fashion landscape, skills and resources are inevitable. And we believe that to give is to gain. We can start small, and it can start from you. Introducing – Project: Mang Adul. A-nonprofit campaign to create improvements in the fashion industry.

The proceeds of this campaign worth Rp.7.150.000,– will go towards buying equipment for Mang Adul.

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Our progress so far

Rp.8.551.645,- of Rp.7.150.000,- gathered

List of equipment

  • Setrika Uap(Set) – Rp.2.700.000,-
  • Meja Setrika Uap - Rp.2.850.000,-
  • Shipping fee - Rp.1.000.000,-
  • Service Mesin Jahit x4 – Rp.600.000,-
Total - Rp.7.150.000,-