About Project: Mang Adul

Not many people know that Nikicio doesn’t have our own production; instead we work closely with local, independent suppliers. Together, we want to make great improvements in developing better quality and clothing standards at the industry.

One of Nikicio beloved long time suppliers is Mang Adul. Together with his wife, they have been partnering with us since 2010. From the very beginning, Nikico can already see a lot of potential in Mang Adul. Although he was initially constrained by facilities and experience, but we believe that he can grow and improve. With mutual support, we grow together personally and professionally. Mang Adul started to gain trusts from other brands, and did a lot of projects. Until finally we entrusted him to be a supplier for our premium Black Label line.

The fashion landscape requires skills and resources to adapt and seize the new opportunities. We want to make sure independent suppliers like Mang Adul are able to grow and make a solid progress by giving them knowledge and providing them facilities that supports their work performance with a hope that in the near future there will be many more Mang Adul.

That is why we create a nonprofit campaign called Project: Mang Adul. It is our way to give back to the industry. On May 1st, 2018, we are going to sell 28 exclusive items and 30 new arrivals on our website. All of the sales raised on that day, will be given to Mang Adul in a form of goods that he desperately needs to support his business. Since Mang Adul is not our exclusive supplier, his progress and success will impact and benefit the rest of the brands and hopefully the local fashion industry as a whole. With this campaign, we also want to raise awareness of the importance in trusting our own local workers. 

As a brand, designer, consumer, and citizen we can become part of the growing collaborative effort to create positive impacts in the fashion industry. We can start small. And it can start from you.

Project: Mang Adul will launch on May 1st 2018 along with labor day.  So let’s give back, pick a garment, and wear it with pride.

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