Spring/Summer 2017

For Spring Summer 2017, NIKICIO BLACK LABEL focuses on loungewear-inspired pieces in the label’s signature monochromatic tones. With NIKICIO BLACK LABEL, Creative Director Nina Nikicio taps into the essence of everyday effortless dressing enhanced by the use of environmentally conscious fabrics. BLACK LABEL epitomizes the image of a self-actualized, accomplished woman with a strong sense of self. Her steps are thoughtful, measured and independent of social acceptance. 

This season’s loose, oversized silhouettes reflect this relaxed, self-assured attitude. Classic pieces such as long-sleeve shirts and pull-up pants are reworked to add a fresh feel while retaining their versatility. Sleek knit pieces hug the body to deliver comfort and reveal the right dose of femininity. Pragmatic, yet stylish, NIKICIO BLACK LABEL also aims to address the issue of sustainability that has become increasingly relevant within the fashion industry. 

Inspired by palm trees, this season’s print touches upon the issue of deforestation, particularly in Borneo and Kalimantan. Indonesia makes up 85% of global palm oil production. In 2015 alone, over 4 million hectares of land was cleared for palm oil plantations. 

The use of Lyocell as an alternative to Cotton, Powder Skin to Silk, and Peslin to Linen demonstrates our attempt to strike a balance between style and sustainability. Less water and chemicals are used in producing Lyocell fibres. Both Powder Skin and Peslin are made from Polyester fiber, but in the long run, both fabrics fare better in terms of product sustainability. Both silk and linen are typically high maintenance because they require dry cleaning, which uses a lot of chemicals. Both fabrics are also vulnerable to stains and clothes moths. As alternatives, Peslin & Powder Skin are generally more low maintenance and washing machine safe. 

Other than the fabrics, the clothes are designed to stand the test of time. They are made to be seasonless and easy-care. NIKICIO BLACK LABEL offers styles made for women - from a woman who is trying to balance her career, her kids, and her personal life.

Creative Direction & Photography: Narya Abhimata
Hair & Make Up Artist: Christina Martha
Model: Aleksandra Kosasie - IVY Models