"A narrative is a story, not a logic, nor ethics, nor philosophy. It is a dream you keep having — just as surely as you breathe, you go on ceaselessly dreaming your story"

NIKICIO WHITE LABEL is created for women who are in the journey to find herself. Young and willing to take adventures by the hand, this is a label filled with clothes for you to help you pursuit your identity. NIKICIO WHITE LABEL is not just a label - it’s a blank canvas - free for you to write your story in any way imaginable. This is why the clothes is widely ranged and doesn’t have seasonal collection. New arrivals drop monthly because we want you to create new stories, different takes on life, and to be fearless of the life itself. The clothes are easy to style, easy care, and yet sustainable - so you can still take it to your journey anywhere without a burden. They are made 100% in Indonesia - meaning that every thread, every fabric, and every person who creates this label came from our country: a great way to carry a part of your heritage. The clothes are made in small factories in different parts of Indonesia, each having their own heritage and culture for you to choose.