About – Nikicio White Label

We believe there is certain part of us that love being the reckless ones; being the irresponsible ones, just once in life. It’s the part of us that don’t mind to live by the edge and do impulsive things for the sake of feeling young. The idea of being young has been glorified for our adoration of having the kicks out of it.

Nikicio White Label epitomizes the fondest memory of being unpredictable; the one that challenges you to be the truest version of yourself without a hint of judgment. Nikicio White Label is dedicated for any individual who is willing to take risk; the one who will say yes to a sudden trip to Timbuktu.

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Nikicio White Label S/S 2018 is not merely a collection ­– it’s personalized embodiment of a collective for the ones who matter; the future of Indonesia; the modern generations. It’s the collection that contains diverse range and fit.


The coats are long but thin; dresses are mid-length made with shiny sateen for night and longer in length with cotton voile for daytime. Pants are slouchy and made from unpredictable fabrics, such as pleated nylon or textured cotton polyester. The bags, albeit small in size, but have a wide buckle straps, bigger than the bag itself. The sweaters are made oversized and the hard wares seen are silver rings – a symbol of gender equality and conveniently, the logo of Nikicio itself. Every piece speaks truthfully about what Nikicio stands for as a brand and more.


The collection of clothes that can be worn in various occasions from school to music concerts; or when you decide to run errands or to your secret weekend getaway your parents know nothing about; and the clothes that reflects who we are as people; with more than one layers in each of us to fit different moods and situation where it takes patience, courage and love to shed them; the layers of people.